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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] Bootstrapping a new OBS instance
Am Donnerstag, 17. Oktober 2013, 16:53:31 schrieb Nathan Cutler:
Hi all, please advise. I'm bootstrapping a new OBS instance. I would
like it to run on SLES11-SP3. After reading the available docs, I'm
supposing the best way to install is to do this on a vanilla
SLES11-SP3 system:

# zypper ar -f
# zypper in -t pattern OBS_Server

For the time being this will just be a testing/learning environment,
so server and workers will be in a single VM. However, it would be
nice if there is a possibility to split off the workers to dedicated
hardware later.

just stop the worker on that VM and run it on any other hardware which can reach
this VM via network ...

Any suggestions, advice, caveats, things to be aware of? Especially I
am interested in the 'OBS' and 'server' LVM volume groups. I should
create those _before_ running the above commands, right?

Well, that is how we ship our appliances. But since you install manually
and most likely not use the obsstoragesetup scripts, you can just live
without LVM at all.


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