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[opensuse-buildservice] OBS build against Fedora Updates?
Hi All,

I hit a problem late last week doing a Hawk build in
network:ha-clustering:Stable against Fedora 19, namely that OBS builds
against Fedora 19 GA, but if I install Hawk on a Fedora 19 test VM with
all updates applied, Hawk doesn't run because it was built against, whereas Pacemaker in Fedora updates supplies
I hacked around this in Hawk by having it try to dlopen() both of and, as I'm only calling a couple of functions
and their signatures apparently didn't change, but it's a bit nasty.

Then, the other day, I was trying to get sbd builds in
network:ha-clustering:Stable (as cluster-glue requires sbd, and we want
to be able to provide builds of all this stuff for Fedora as well as
openSUSE, largely to facilitate uptake of crmsh and hawk), and I hit the
same problem again. Building sbd against Fedora GA links to and, but Fedora Updates has and

Someone already opened a bug requesting OBS build against Fedora Updates
(although that was Fedora 18, it was a while ago):

Can anyone suggest a solution to this? Is it possible to get OBS to
build against Fedora Updates somehow? Because without this ability I'm
having a hard time seeing using OBS for viable Fedora builds of HA
clustering packages, unless we build the whole stack ourselves, which
I'd rather not do (yet more maintenance work for no real benefit, given
a viable Pacemaker and Corosync already ship in the base Fedora distro).


Tim Serong
Senior Clustering Engineer
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