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[opensuse-buildservice] Backend storage questions

I am running an OBS private instance. Thanks for the great platform.

I am curious about how OBS deals with sources storage on the backend.
We will be linking git commits in a busy repository to automated
package builds in OBS. Each git commit will therefore result in a new
tarball being generated, and a new revision in OBS's revision control
for that package. This will mean a lot of commits and a lot of
tarballs. How will OBS deal with that, will we have disk space
consumption issues in future?

Looking on the backend, I see roughly how file storage works. At
/srv/obs/sources/<pkg> I see that each file from each revision in the
history is stored independently and wholly (no binary diffs at play,
for example). Over time, it looks like this will use up enough disk
space to cause us some problems.

Will OBS ever purge files from ancient revisions? If I purge such
files manually, will anything break beyond the ability to back through
history to that particular revision?
How do large instances e.g. openSUSE deal with this?

Now looking at storage of resultant built binaries, it appears that
OBS only keeps the most recently built version. Is this correct, and
can this be tweaked?

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