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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] osc service log

anybody can help here ?

Thanks in advance.

On 07/09/2013 03:16 PM, Michel Bourget wrote:
Hi all,

( plinnell on IRC suggested me to post my question here instead of the IRC forum. )

"service log" are not available, at least intuitively, using an "osc" interface.
At SGI, we are in the process of moving to OBS. We exclusively use "_service"
interface to pull source ( and metadata files ) from git repos. So, production-wise,
troubleshooting "failed builds" requires capturing the "service" logs as well as the
proper usual chroot "build" logs. This is crucial for us.

I attempted to simply modify bs_service to essentially to:
if (!open(SERVICE, '-|')) {
+ open(STDOUT, "| tee -a _service_log");
open(STDERR, ">&STDOUT");

The above works ( I can "osc cat ..." ) but only when all the _service steps exit 0 ! Useful but not quite :)

So, the question: is there an osc method to unconditionally capture the
already captured _service_error file and/or the _service_log ?
Simply said, capture the latest _service log, regardless if it is a success or a failure; that's the point.
The "osc api" method are not easy to "discover", to be honest.

Any help, hints, guidance appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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