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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] prevent OBS from preventing "BuildRequires: -post-build-checks"
Hi Michael,

thanks a lot for the clarification!

I was very much irritated from the many RPMLINT errors/warnings, because I initially tought that

BuildRequires: -post-build-checks or better
BuildConflicts: post-build-checks

disables also RPMLINT checks, which it doesn't;
but it disables post-build-checks, which both actually do!
So you´re right, Michael. And I intermingled that in my mind ...

Problem here is probably another one. Could be:
[ 32s] RPMLINT report:
[ 32s] ===============
[ 32s] error: cannot open Pubkeys index using db3 - No such file or directory (2)
[ 39s] rpmlint: E: badness 1250 exceeds threshold 1000, aborting.

which is caused by an even worser OSC Radiator.spec + package (v4.11) in terms of (RPM) compliance.

Thanks for you hints, guys.


On 07.05.2013 10:10, Michael Schroeder wrote:
On Mon, May 06, 2013 at 08:53:42PM +0200, Florian Kabus wrote:

we have a local OBS installation here. Is there any way to prevent OBS from
deleting "BuildRequires: -post-build-checks" in the specfile ?

we have this in buildlog:
[ 20s] I have the following modifications for ccl-radiator.spec:
[ 20s] 21c21
[ 20s] < Release: 1
[ 20s] ---
[ 20s] > Release: 20
[ 20s] 29c29
[ 20s] < BuildRequires: -post-build-checks
[ 20s] ---
[ 20s] >

Unfortunately we need this for this particular .spec. All others are very
well written ...

I'm not sure what you mean here, "BuildRequires: -post-build-checks"
is not valid for rpm, so the spec file patcher *must* remove it.
Still, it's parsed and obeyed by OBS, so removing it just means that
it's not in the created .src.rpm, which should not be a problem.

Anyway, the "rpm official" syntax is

BuildConflicts: post-build-checks

which is AFAIK also parsed by OBS.


Florian Kabus, Fraunhofer-Institut SIT
IT Services and Security | Competence Center LAN
Rheinstraße 75, 64295 Darmstadt, Germany
Tel.: +49-6151-869-60025 | Raum 61

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