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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] new steam license
Hi all

Today I received the new license from Valve in docx format.

"The new text should be out in the next client release. I've attached a
copy of it in
this email."

I will forward it to c farrel, and hope we have a repo soon.

We need to help Valve, so they can fix things also for openSUSE.
Steam is still beta, and I don't want SUSE to miss out on things.
On the steam forum are allot of questions, why SUSE does not have a repo.

Please tell me if I can do something else, to speed this up.
Or maybe we can get. from the SUSE legal team, a confirmation that they are working on it.
I am a bit worried everybody is waiting for someone else to do something.

Some might not be interested in gaming, but they should know, that Valve already managed to get better
graphic drivers released from AMD and Nvidia for Linux.
Years of complaining and asking, did not help, but they did listen to Valve.
Valve also managed to have AMD put up a forum, for problems and feedback on the drivers.

friendly regards , Guus

Op 31-1-2013 20:58, Marguerite Su schreef:
On Fri, Feb 1, 2013 at 3:47 AM, Nico Kruber <nico.kruber@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

but doesn't legal need to check it first before it can get there?
-> that was the reason it was removed from the games repo in the first place

OBS only accepts non-oss package that has already been in openSUSE
distribution...all else will get removed because of the blacklist.

So I suggest you cc the license to one of our OBS license diggers or
just open a bug report for him/them to review first.

Luckily I know his email which is Ciaran Farrel <cfarrel at suse dot com>.

You're welcome


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