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[opensuse-buildservice] obs services idle
Today I noticed many obs services idle [1]
Packages in waiting queue=0 and Packages in blocked queue=42.

- Why 'Packages in waiting queue' not equal to 'Packages in blocked
when all unblocked Packages are built ?

Cheers Glenn


Host Arch Packages in waiting queue Packages in blocked queue
Job time
i586 0 35
13 minutes
x86_64 0 42
19 minutes

Idle hosts
242 of 324 hosts idle.
Host Arch
build02/1 x86_64
build02/2 x86_64
build02/3 x86_64
build02/4 x86_64
build02/5 x86_64
build02/6 x86_64
build02/7 x86_64
build04/3 x86_64
build04/4 x86_64
build04/5 x86_64
build06/2 x86_64
build06/4 x86_64
build06/5 x86_64
build06/7 x86_64
build08/1 x86_64
build08/10 x86_64
build08/2 x86_64
build08/3 x86_64
build08/4 x86_64
build08/5 x86_64
build08/6 x86_64
build08/7 x86_64
build08/8 x86_64
build08/9 x86_64
build09/1 x86_64
build09/10 x86_64
build09/2 x86_64
build09/3 x86_64
build09/4 x86_64
build09/5 x86_64
build09/6 x86_64
build09/7 x86_64
build09/8 x86_64
build09/9 x86_64
build10/1 x86_64
build10/2 x86_64
build10/3 x86_64
build10/4 x86_64
build10/5 x86_64
build10/6 x86_64
build10/7 x86_64
build10/8 x86_64
build11/2 x86_64
build11/3 x86_64
build11/4 x86_64
build11/5 x86_64
build11/6 x86_64
build11/7 x86_64
build11/8 x86_64
build12/1 x86_64
build12/2 x86_64
build12/3 x86_64
build12/4 x86_64
build12/6 x86_64
build12/7 x86_64
build12/8 x86_64
build13/1 x86_64
build13/2 x86_64
build13/4 x86_64
build13/5 x86_64
build13/6 x86_64
build13/7 x86_64
build13/8 x86_64
build14/1 x86_64
build14/2 x86_64
build14/5 x86_64
build14/6 x86_64
build14/7 x86_64
build14/8 x86_64
build15/1 x86_64
build15/2 x86_64
build15/3 x86_64
build15/4 x86_64
build15/5 x86_64
build17/1 x86_64
build17/2 x86_64
build17/3 x86_64
build17/4 x86_64
build17/5 x86_64
build17/6 x86_64
build17/7 x86_64
build17/8 x86_64
build18/1 x86_64
build18/3 x86_64
build18/4 x86_64
build18/5 x86_64
build18/6 x86_64
build18/7 x86_64
build18/8 x86_64
build19/1 x86_64
build19/2 x86_64
build19/3 x86_64
build19/4 x86_64
build19/5 x86_64
build19/6 x86_64
build20/1 x86_64
build20/10 x86_64
build20/12 x86_64
build20/13 x86_64
build20/14 x86_64
build20/16 x86_64
build20/2 x86_64
build20/3 x86_64
build20/4 x86_64
build20/5 x86_64
build20/6 x86_64
build20/7 x86_64
build20/8 x86_64
build20/9 x86_64
build21/1 x86_64
build21/10 x86_64
build21/11 x86_64
build21/12 x86_64
build21/14 x86_64
build21/15 x86_64
build21/16 x86_64
build21/2 x86_64
build21/3 x86_64
build21/4 x86_64
build21/6 x86_64
build21/7 x86_64
build21/8 x86_64
build23/1 x86_64
build23/10 x86_64
build23/12 x86_64
build23/13 x86_64
build23/14 x86_64
build23/15 x86_64
build23/16 x86_64
build23/2 x86_64
build23/3 x86_64
build23/4 x86_64
build23/7 x86_64
build23/8 x86_64
build23/9 x86_64
build24/1 x86_64
build24/10 x86_64
build24/12 x86_64
build24/13 x86_64
build24/15 x86_64
build24/16 x86_64
build24/2 x86_64
build24/3 x86_64
build24/4 x86_64
build24/5 x86_64
build24/6 x86_64
build24/7 x86_64
build24/8 x86_64
build24/9 x86_64
build26/1 x86_64
build26/10 x86_64
build26/11 x86_64
build26/12 x86_64
build26/13 x86_64
build26/14 x86_64
build26/15 x86_64
build26/16 x86_64
build26/2 x86_64
build26/3 x86_64
build26/4 x86_64
build26/5 x86_64
build26/8 x86_64
build27/1 x86_64
build27/10 x86_64
build27/11 x86_64
build27/12 x86_64
build27/13 x86_64
build27/14 x86_64
build27/16 x86_64
build27/2 x86_64
build27/3 x86_64
build27/4 x86_64
build27/5 x86_64
build27/6 x86_64
build27/7 x86_64
build27/8 x86_64
build27/9 x86_64
build30/1 x86_64
build30/10 x86_64
build30/11 x86_64
build30/12 x86_64
build30/3 x86_64
build30/5 x86_64
build30/6 x86_64
build30/7 x86_64
build30/8 x86_64
build30/9 x86_64
build31/1 x86_64
build31/11 x86_64
build31/12 x86_64
build31/2 x86_64
build31/3 x86_64
build31/5 x86_64
build31/6 x86_64
build31/7 x86_64
build31/8 x86_64
build31/9 x86_64
build32/1 x86_64
build32/10 x86_64
build32/11 x86_64
build32/12 x86_64
build32/2 x86_64
build32/3 x86_64
build32/5 x86_64
build32/6 x86_64
build32/8 x86_64
build32/9 x86_64
build33/1 x86_64
build33/11 x86_64
build33/12 x86_64
build33/2 x86_64
build33/3 x86_64
build33/4 x86_64
build33/5 x86_64
build33/6 x86_64
build33/7 x86_64
build33/8 x86_64
build34/10 x86_64
build34/11 x86_64
build34/12 x86_64
build34/2 x86_64
build34/3 x86_64
build34/5 x86_64
build34/6 x86_64
build34/7 x86_64
build34/8 x86_64
build34/9 x86_64
build35/1 x86_64
build35/10 x86_64
build35/11 x86_64
build35/12 x86_64
build35/2 x86_64
build35/3 x86_64
build35/4 x86_64
build35/5 x86_64
build35/6 x86_64
build35/7 x86_64
build35/8 x86_64
build35/9 x86_64

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