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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] optional / recommends buildrequires
On 4/9/2012 2:38 PM, Claudio Freire wrote:
On Fri, Apr 6, 2012 at 5:50 AM, Brian K. White<brian@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Is there a way to tell the build service to include package libfoo-devel in
the build environment for a given package without making it a buildrequires
in the spec?

Or is there a BuildRecommends or

I think you're thinking about conditional[0] requirements, but the
wiki[1] says (for good reasons) that they're not recommended in OBS.



I think I'm ok a different way. I think I just need to make use of the branch/submit/delete process more.

I want to keep a branck of several packages in my home project that have .spec options that would not be appropriate for SR back to their repective devel projects, yet I do want to SR _most_ changes back to devel. So what I should probably do is figure things out in my own branch, branch from devel into tem subproject, apply changes, SR, and use the "delete if accepted" option to delete that branch if the SR is accepted.

It means having two copies of the same package branched in my home, but one copy is only temporary.

The example and actual packages of the moment are, I want to SR a change to graphics:tiff that buildrequires libjbigkit but only if suse_version is greater than 12.2 (not until until after jbigkit gets accepted into Factory of course)

But in my own home project I don't want that suse_version limit. Both jbigkit and tiff (with some other spec changes that _would_ be safe to SR back up to graphics) build on all my targets which is suse 10.0 to current. So in my home project I want a tiff that buildrequires libjbigkit unconditionally, because _I_ have jbigkit/libjbigkit for every oS from 10.0 to current, and tiff/libtiff builds correctly with jbig for all those same versions, and _I_ want to install libjbig and jbig-enabled libtiff on all my production boxes, which range from 10.0 to current.

I just didn't like the waste of obs resources of having two full copies of all such packages* just for that tiny difference in .spec

*(there are more packages than that, next comes various packages like hylafax+ , ghostpdl, ghostscript, ImageMagick, etc, that can use jbig or tiff-with-jbig)

But the temp branch/sr/delete is probably a workable workflow and I guess must be what you are officially supposed to do in such situations anyway so probably isn't considered abuive of obs resources.

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