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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] test of obs-server.x86_64-2.2.116-Build1.2.raw in a update from version 2.1
On Tue, Jan 31, 2012 at 09:34:29AM +0100, Adrian Schröter wrote:
Am Dienstag, 31. Januar 2012, 01:59:52 schrieb Karsten Keil:
After reboot MySQL was not running, because it did start before
the /obs directory was mounted - fixed with
Required-Start: $network $remote_fs obsstoragesetup
in the mysql startscript and insserv.
obsstoragesetup did not mount /dev/OBS/cache, moved the mount in the
startscript before the worker setups.

We found out yesterday that the "boot.lvm" script is not enabled by default
anymore. Changed now in the appliance.

Hmm, but I saw some extra mdadm and lvm calls in the obsstorage script, so
it still works somehow, but maybe not early enough for mysql.

What I still cannot explain is, that on the first boot /obs/MYSQL
was here and mysql was started - because if not mysql-update would not
start at all but it did - and destroyed the database.

It also seems that the database migration does run on every reboot.

The modification of the mysql init script is not a good way, because this
would not work outside of the appliance and break package updates.

Of course, this was my quick and dirty workaround.

We have the "Start-Before: mysql ssh" line instead in obsstoragesetup
which should let it start before.

Then apache did start before MYSQL was started, because it was in
systemd defined as service. Deleted apache2.service file, now apache2
starts as expected after the required services are running.

Actually I am only testing with sysvinit atm. Most likely the default will
change for the appliance.

However, apache2 and mysqld should be able to startup in parallel.

Still wrong rights on many files under /obs (because of changed UID/GID
values, repaired with
chown -R obsrun:obsrun /obs/*

Really ? I thought this is fixed meanwhile.

Maybe it did not run completely because the mysql issue.
Unfortunately I did not saved a ls -l /obs in this state.

chown -R mysql:mysql /obs/MySQL

Yep, noticed also.

Does this maybe explain the database update crash - wrong rights ?

Any idea to the scheduler issue - why did a manual run be required and what
does the difference be to a run from the obsscheduler script ?

And KVM is missing on the appliance - intended or bug ?

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