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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] [RFC] transparent cross compiliation support for OBS
Hi Carsten, Hi Martin,

On Monday, January 23, 2012 10:27:39 PM Martin Mohring wrote:
What is missing for an upstream push is to review the code wrt. to any
security violations in the pre- virtual machine phase. Side effects are
unlikeley, an own code path with own "prjconf commands" are used (so no
side effects to "preinstall:" or "CBinstall:" / "CBpreinstall:")

I just briefly checked the obs SB2 git repo from Carsten. Since you touch lot
of code in the init_buildsystem, next to LXC conditionals, it looks like you
use SB2 as VM-type. So my question is: would it still be possible to run SB2
cross-compile builds with OBS_VM_TYPE={xen,kvm,none,lxc}?

Would the SB2 implementation also allow local cross compliation if someone
wants to run a local obs build by calling "osc build"?

Also, the inclusion of packages from one namespace into another as they are
(e.g. x86 packages to arm) needs some consideration, so meta data
namespaces are not poisoned.

What about vice-versa direction: arm packages to x86?

Other than that, the current solution shows exactly what we expected from
it. Anyway, QEMU is still involved in those cases as a fallback where no
speedup is present. This is needed to fool spec files in cases when they
call things like uname or similiar (can name here a list of other
exceptions we found).

Our goal was actually to be generic as possible and to fake and emulate less
then possible - and just do "real" cross-compiliation. Since most build-
environments already support somehow cross-compiliation (autotools, cmake,

So this would very likely cause a lot of "stock" packages in the openSUSE
(ARM) distro fail, if the build environment in the package is really not aware
of cross-compiliation and needs to call things like uname. Of course it would
be nice if everything would build without touching any project, but that is
not our goal.

Primary goal is to build packages/projects which are fully aware of cross-

To be clear: I see relevance for SB2 and it looks quite interesting and avoid
defintely a lot of problems by make it easy as possible to get things just
build, especially for packages which require some faking of the environment.

So there is very likely room for your idea of cross compiliation and our idea
of cross compiliation. OBS users can have the freedom to choose between
different type of cross-compiliation, which is a good thing.

Best Regards,

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