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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] version-release numbering for DEB packages
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On 6 November 2011 03:15, Steve Rae <srae@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I understand the release tag numbering in spec files (for ‘rpm’ packages):
Release: <CI_CNT>.<B_CNT>

What does CI_CNT and B_CNT stand for? I could guess Continous
Integration Count and Build Count.

Without understanding how they work *exactly*, I agree it is useful to
get a new release number every time you build the software. The
resulting package and the code it contains might differ, that's why a
rebuild happens after all.

However, I am unable to determine how to perform the same “release”
numbering in ‘deb’ packages.
-- actually, it seems to use the <version>-<release> as specified
on the first line of the ‘debian/changelog’ file (in debian.tar.gz)

I think this works as designed. Debian policy does not know the concept
of numbering builds. The least significant part of the version is the
Debian revison, in other words a version number for the Debian specific

I believe the top entry of the changelog must match the version of the
package (although I couldn't right now find the place in the policy
where this is required. Would need to try lintian, to see what it says
it's not the case)

So to my understanding build numbering would first needed to be added to
the Debian policy before you can make it work in a consistent way. I'm
not actively following Debian policy discussions, not sure whether it
has ever been discussed. One downside is of course that such build
numbers make only sense within one consistent build system. If you
compare build numbers assgined by two different systems you can't really
tell anything. Even equal would not mean equal. I could imagine that not
everybody would welcome such "unreliable" info in your packacking

There is actually a discussion about amending Debian version numbering
ongoing just these days. (followup
also in November) However, it looks like a bit different topic to me.



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