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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] need help with OBS feature request (xz compressed sources)
On Wednesday 19 October 2011, Adrian Schröter wrote:
Am Mittwoch, 19. Oktober 2011, 13:12:36 schrieb Ruediger Meier:

"spec files should support xz compressed sources per default"

I'd like to have xz capable tar/xz packages per default available
for old distros on OBS. (useforbuild only, not published).
Who is the man who could do that?

We will not exchange packages in the frozen distributions. We always
only offer there the official released state by the manfactuar.

Hm, in other words the feature above is not solvable by design.
I think the tar.xz build source issue is really a special case - good
enough to excuse an exception.

It is fine of course when people do build against your repos because
of that.

Couldn't we create at least a more official repo "obs-must-have" which
just contains the most annoying missing build requirements enabled for
all the major OBS distros?

I would even start maintaining that if you give me such top level

BTW I've tried already to push portable tar/xz packages to Base:build to
use this one for that case but they don't want it and moreover
Base:build contains already much more than just "must-haves".

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