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[opensuse-buildservice] frontend web server tuning question and maintenance scripts
Hi all,

I have asked the following questions before on IRC but unfortunately
there was not an immediate response and when I looked back into the
channel later all relevant history had already been scrolled out of
reach and I had no logging running (probably I should change my config
in that regard). Thus a big sorry at this point in time in case those
questions had already been answered.

To the questions again:

I did some experiments with the number of ruby processes per API
server and WebUI server. I felt that the default of 5 might be too
small for the machine I have running and moved both of them up to 20.
What I found though was that performance got worse, not due too high
load on the server but apparently lighttpd ran into more deadlock
situations than before. :(

Thus my question: Did other people running instances with a
non-trivial number of users do some tuning on those parameters and
what were your results. I'd be interested in learning about the values
you have compared to the power of your hardware.

Another unrelated question: On you sometimes use
scripts to evaluate inactive projects and disable their builds or even
removing repositories. Also when they refer to a discontinued
distribution/repository. Are those scripts available somewhere? I'd
like to do similar things on my instance and for sure I could just
write my own scripts for that purpose but if yours are available there
seems to be no need for me to reinvent the wheel.

Greetings from Ulm,
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