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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] Packaging dpkg as .deb
  • From: Adrian Schröter <adrian@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 17 Oct 2011 15:44:46 +0200
  • Message-id: <13080019.OE9T6vzJt4@scherben>
Am Montag, 17. Oktober 2011, 13:19:32 schrieb Nasa:
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Am Montag, 17. Oktober 2011, 12:54:31 schrieb Nasa:
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Am Montag, 17. Oktober 2011, 12:19:32 schrieb Nasa:

I have been trying to create a .deb package

of the most recent version of dpkg. It isn't going

so well. I noted the following errors from the log

that maybe relevent...


preinstalling bash...

ar: error while loading shared libraries: cannot


object file: No such file or directory tar: control.tar.gz:

open: No

such file or directory


This is from you worker host. It means your local tools are not

runable since basic libs are missing.

Try to unpack any tar ball first to verify what kind of breakage

have there.


Because I am slow... You said the "local tools" -- I am using the

version of OBS

Uh, you use ? Which project/package in that case ?

Here's a link to the package:

the project is home:tsx-5 and package is dpkg

okay, it was a not complete configuration in Ubuntu:11.04 project, which did
not keep the libdpkg-perl package when building dpkg. This is fixed now.

You still have the problem that libselinux1-dev gets not installed. This is
most likely a bug in our .dsc parser, which gets confused by the "[linux-any]"
string. Michael is going to fix this in next minutes, but it will take some
time until that get deployed. So please remove that string for now.


Adrian Schroeter
SUSE Linux Products GmbH
email: adrian@xxxxxxx
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