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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] Build Team Meeting
Hi Adrian

On 05/25/2011 08:53 AM, Adrian Schröter wrote:

Note: meeting minutes from yesterday morning

present: mls, saschpe, adrian

* OBS 2.3 state
* OBS rename
* server upgrade
* continous integration
* Ruby coding style

OBS 2.3

* Features complete
- new source service handling implemented

To be fixed before Beta 2:
* Last missing feature:
- Delta rpm configuration

* Make OBS name and description configurable via "Setup OBS"

* Remaining problems:
- createrepo is not extending existing meta data
- createrepo& modifyrepo have no --rsyncable option
- some regressions in webui to be fixed

OBS Rename

Our implementation of OBS, the "openSUSE Build Service" will be renamed to
"Open Build Service (OBS)".

"openSUSE Build Service" name will stay for our public instance behind

Details will be announced by Jos.

Server Upgrade

New backend server systems are installed, stress testing is WIP.

Continous Integration

Sascha plays with hudson& friends.
Goal is to have a full test coverage after each commit including
performance benchmarks.

Open question: Do we want to create an ?

I would suggest One of my new work colleagues is one of the major maintainers of Jenkins and for work he has on the list some type of plugin to jenkins to allow jenkins to trigger OBS or vice versa.

Jenkins is the community fork of Hudson, after Oracle buying Sun.

We are already experimenting with OBS to be part of our build chain.

Cool stuff and I will get Sascha with my colleague via IRC/mail.

Ruby coding style

SUSE developers created a draft for a common ruby coding style.
The draft got published in opensuse wiki:

We will move our code into that direction but not reformat
everything now.


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