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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] Conflict in calligra.changes
Hi Sascha,

I guess that the Calligra Package is a branch from somewhere. Certain changes
have been made in the KDE:Active repo for Calligra, but now the source package
also changed and the patches from KDE:Active no longer apply correctly.

You have to try to locate the things that have been changed in the KDE:Active
repo for Calligra and see what has been changed in the original repo.

This most likely will end up with recreating the package as a link and re-
applying the patches in KDE:Active.


On Saturday 14 May 2011 22:41:20 Sascha Manns wrote:
Hello Mates,

actual i'm helping out a little bit in the KDE:Active Repository.
In Calligra OBS says: "The link contains errors: conflict in file
calligra.changes. The webui has no support to resolve conflicts yet.
Please use osc checkout and osc pull commands on command line to fix this

So i've checked out the calligra packages and got:
"sascha@linux-uln9:~/osc/KDE:Active> osc co calligra
A calligra

The link in this package is currently broken. Checking
out the last working version instead; please use 'osc pull'
to repair the link.

oA calligra/calligra-2.3.60.git20110513.tar.bz2
sc A calligra/calligra-doc.changes
A calligra/calligra-doc.spec
A calligra/calligra-rpmlintrc
A calligra/calligra.changes
A calligra/calligra.spec
A calligra/hi16-app-kexi.png
A calligra/hi22-app-kexi.png
A calligra/hi32-app-kexi.png
A calligra/hi48-app-kexi.png
A calligra/hisc-app-kexi.svgz
A calligra/
A calligra/template_install.diff
At revision a370e18dd1661beb4800d6ac36606bd9

But now, what is to do to find the error?

cu Sascha
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