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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] RE: OBS worker prioritization/allocation
Am Montag, 17. Januar 2011, 18:26:27 schrieb ext-senthil.muthukalai@xxxxxxxxx:
I found that I can use the following parameters in for this.


I created two worker instances and set,

$powerhosts = ["build1"]
But I don't know how do I specify the package name with $powerpkgs.

This example is in the current git:

+# Special rules to assign some packages to special hosts
+# These are
+#our $powerhosts = [
+# 'build30', 'build31', 'build32', 'build33', 'build34', 'build35',
'build36', 'build37',
+#our $powerpkgs = [
+# 'autoconf',

Whatever I give for this, I am not able to restart the scheduler process.

You need to restart the dispatcher. The scheduler is just generating the jobs.

And I am able to specify the package/project with $specialbuildhost but am
observing the following. The package is built on the specified host only
when it is free.

specialbuildhost is not supported anymore. It was unfortunatly removed without
updating the template file.


Else it is scheduled on a different host.
Also if the specified host is free, the other packages/projects are also
scheduled on this.

Can somebody explain the usage of these parameters and the effect?

Senthil M

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Subject: [opensuse-buildservice] OBS worker prioritization/allocation


I have 5 worker processes in my OBS instance.
Can I have two workers assigned for builds of a particular project/area on
the basis of priority? How do I do this?

Senthil M
Adrian Schroeter
SUSE Linux Products GmbH
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