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[opensuse-buildservice] /dev/pts/* being chowned outside chroots
Has anyone else seen this issue where the /dev/pts/* pseudo-terminals
outside the build chroots are having their permissions changed?

When it happens, users can't run commands anymore because the
permissions on their terminals change from user:tty to 399:399, which is
the default UID:GID pair for abuild:abuild in the chroots.

Before (/dev/pts):

crw--w---- 1 user tty 136, 13 Jan 18 15:06 13

Users see these errors:

rsisys1 2.1HD/fw > popd
/dev/pts/13: Permission denied.
rsisys1 svn/fw-hang >
rsisys1 svn/fw-hang > mesg n
mesg: /dev/pts/13: Operation not permitted
rsisys1 svn/fw-hang >

After (/dev/pts):

crw--w---- 1 399 399 136, 13 Jan 18 15:06 13

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