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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] Change in behavior of --prefer-pkgs with multiple packages with same name
On 2010-01-18 10:30:23 +0100, Michael Schroeder wrote:
On Sat, Jan 16, 2010 at 02:54:52PM +0100, Marcus Hüwe wrote:
On 2010-01-15 15:29:41 -0600, Luke Imhoff wrote:
I actually thought of a wrinkle, if the rpms are


Then if last package listed won then foo-1-1.rpm would win, but you'd
want foo-1-1a.rpm to win, so the behavior has to be last directory
specified wins, but in a given directory, the newest version wins.

Hmm no. The semantic is the following:
- the newest package wins (regardless in which dir it is)
- if two or more dirs contains the same package (which is newer than
all other packages) the package found in the last dir wins
- if two or more packages in the same dir are equal (but they might have
different filenames) the last package found wins

Hmm, should we change this to "first dir wins"? It would be consistent
with build's treatment of the specifired repos. (I think we have
to fix build's --prefer-rpm handling in that case as well.)

What do you mean with "first dir wins"? Should osc only consider packages
from the first dir regardless if newer versions exist in other dirs or
should it take the version from the first dir if "equal" packages exist
in other dirs?

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