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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] Change in behavior of --prefer-pkgs with multiple packages with same name
I actually thought of a wrinkle, if the rpms are


Then if last package listed won then foo-1-1.rpm would win, but you'd
want foo-1-1a.rpm to win, so the behavior has to be last directory
specified wins, but in a given directory, the newest version wins.

On Fri, 2010-01-15 at 14:16 -0600, Luke Imhoff wrote:
In 0.119.6, if there were two rpms with the same name given with
--prefer-pkgs, then the second rpms mentioned won:


are passed to

osc build --prefer-pkgs first_path --prefer-pkgs second_path

foo-1-0.rpm wins. However, after upgrading to osc 0.123, foo-1-1.rpm
wins because it has a newer release. The problem with this comes in
that there is no way to actually prefer an older rpm. An 'older' rpm
may be preferred if the user has a server built rpm


like foo-1-16.1.rpm while also having a locally built foo-1-0.0.rpm.
The locally built rpm does not know the check_in_count nor build_count
so it defaults to 0.0 and therefore appears older than the server built
rpm. So, how does the user use his locally built foo-1-0.0.rpm over the
foo-1-16.1.rpm if they are both in local --prefer-pkgs directories?

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