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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] Re: Import build service packages into git
  • From: Andreas Gruenbacher <agruen@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 20 Aug 2009 11:42:15 +0200
  • Message-id: <200908201142.15413.agruen@xxxxxxx>
On Thursday, 20 August 2009 11:38:40 Andreas Gruenbacher wrote:
On Tuesday, 28 July 2009 1:44:50 Andreas Gruenbacher wrote:

The build service backend is not capable of storing some of the
information that git knows about: merges are only possible in the form of
source links as described above, there is no distinction between author
and committer, file modes are not stored, timestamps are computed on the
server, there is no support for non-regular files or subdirectories.

Comparing version control in the build service with git, the most
significant and painful difference seems to be tracking of parents: all
commits in git reference all of their parent commits by sha1 checksum. The
build service allows to determine the previous revisions of a package
(revisions are numbered from 1 .. n), but it does not keep track of
additional parents in all cases: for example, when two development branches
are merged, the revisions on each of those two branches would need to be
recorded as parents.

(Source links do record the revision of the target package that they are
based on in the "baserev" attribute, but this information is lost again
when merging back into the target package.)

This deficiency is causing enough problems in the build service itself: you
may have noticed spurious commits in packages with a comment like "auto
commit by copy to link target". With proper parent tracking, those commits
would be unnecessary.

Other differences include:

* The build service uses md5 checksums for identifying objects (files and
revisions), while git uses sha1 checksums. The git frontend works around
this by keeping an on-disk cache which maps from md5 to sha1 checksums;
a git backend on the server would have to do the same in order to
emulate the build service API on top of a git repository.

* A package revision in the build service roughly corresponds to a commit
in git. Revisions in the build service are are assigned consecutive numbers
starting from 1. Commits in git are identified by their sha1 checksum; it
is not possible to get from a commit's sha1 checksum to the parent commit
without looking at the commit itself. The git frontend keeps a mapping from
revision numbers to commit sha1s; a git backend could do the same.

* The build service keeps track of the package version and major release
number ("vref") of each revision. The git frontend does not use this
information; a git backend would have to maintain a mapping from commit
sha1s to (version, vref) tuples.

* (Some more relatively minor ones.)

Workarounds for all those differences could be implemented, and a git backend
could emulate the current build service API. This would result in a major
engineering effort with a suboptimal result though: git already has a very
efficient network protocol which the build service API would not be able to
beat. So I wonder if we can't use plain git for version control (i.e.,
storing and accessing the various versions of packages), and use the build
service API for all the remaining things that git doesn't know or care about
(like package versions and release numbers).

In this scenario, we would end up with a build service that supports packages
backed by either bsdb or by git, and clients would have to support backends.
(I'm thinking mostly of osc here at the moment; all the other clients
are "nice to have", but not absolutely vital.) The build service API would
need to be changed to refer to git commits instead of bsdb revisions for git
backed packages. Eventually, we could phase out bsdb and concentrate on git.

What do people think?

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