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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] Mandriva2009 problems
  • From: mrdocs <mrdocs@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 23 Jun 2009 21:19:35 +0000
  • Message-id: <200906232119.35921.mrdocs@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

I have been working on a project based on Mdv 2009.0 recently, so I hope I can
shed some light...

On Tuesday 23 June 2009 03:58:08 pm Adrian Schröter wrote:
Am Dienstag, 23. Juni 2009 17:45:05 schrieb Lubos Lunak:
On Tuesday 23 of June 2009, Adrian Schröter wrote:


Still, clearly Mandriva 2009.0 and 2009.1 are not 100% binary compatible
either way.

This is definitely true. 2009.0 ships python 2.5, 2009.1 python 2.6.. just an

okay, than we need to import .1 as well :/
I will take care about this these days ...

I am afraid this is going to be needed going forward :/

Prefer: free-kde4-config mandriva-theme-Free
mandriva-theme-Free-screensaver Ignore: libkdecore5:phonon-backend
Ignore: lib64kdecore5:phonon-backen
Ignore: libkdecore5:kde4-l10n
Ignore: lib64kdecore5:kde4-l10n
Ignore: bootsplash:kernel

Whatever is used in the base distro config, please please prefer phonon over
gstreamer which pulls in lots of stuff... some IMO unneeded. It helps to
reduce the pulse audio footprint.

PA is taboo on my own systems, but that is another debate, for another time.

please test if this is working for you.

You missed one, otherwise it works.

buildinfo is broken... it says:
expansion error: have choice for webfetch needed by urpmi: wget curl

I have various Mdv versions running in VM's so do not hesitate to ping me on
IRC if you want something tested.

okay, fixed.



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