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[opensuse-buildservice] Import build service packages into git
  • From: Andreas Gruenbacher <agruen@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 16 Apr 2009 09:15:01 +0200
  • Message-id: <200904160915.01898.agruen@xxxxxxx>

I have been working on an import tool from the build service into git
repositories; the result seems to be basically working now. It is available


The git repository is available at:

Exporting changes into the build service is not supported yet, but it's a
start. Integration into osc also hasn't happened, yet.

The tool tries to be nice to the server and not request the same data over and
over again. Still, when fetching a package, this retrieves all the package's
revisions unless you create a shallow copy using bsgit's --depth=N option.
So please do not blindly fetch huge packages with a long history just to see
what happens. (What would happen is pretty clear -- I would get into
troubles with the build service maintainers!)

Here is how to use bsgit:

$ mkdir stuff
$ cd stuff
$ git init
$ bsgit fetch home:agruen:Factory bsgit
Fetching home:agruen:Factory/bsgit (1)
Fetching home:agruen:Factory/bsgit (2)
Branch 'bsgit' created.
$ git branch -a
* bsgit
$ bsgit pull
Fetching home:agruen:Factory/bsgit (3)
Branch 'bsgit' updated.
$ bsgit fetch
Already up-to-date.

Observe that bsgit created a remote branch with a long name that encodes the
server, project, and package. This is the state of the package in the build
service. A local branch, 'bsgit', tracks that remote branch. You may make
changes on the local branch.

When you fetch a package, this will leave the local branch alone (except for
creating it when it doesn't exist). A pull does a fetch, followed by a
rebase of the local branch. (It doesn't do a merge because we will not be
able to export merges to the build service anyways, at least not with the
current backend.)

When bsgit detects a source link, it creates a remote branch for the target
package as well (i.e., the package linked to), and it expands the source

Source links are expanded against the revision of the target package that they
were *created* against. Very unfortunately, the build service backend does
not record the revision it creates a source link against. Until that is
fixed (and I hope soon!), some guessing is involved, and some source links
may be expanded against the wrong revision.

Here is a source link example:

$ bsgit clone home:coolo:branches:home:darix:Factory FastCGI
Fetching openSUSE:Factory/FastCGI (1)
Fetching openSUSE:Factory/FastCGI (2)
Fetching openSUSE:Factory/FastCGI (3)
Fetching home:darix:Factory/FastCGI (1)
Fetching home:coolo:branches:home:darix:Factory/FastCGI (1)
Fetching home:coolo:branches:home:darix:Factory/FastCGI (2)
Branch 'FastCGI' created.
$ git branch -a
* FastCGI


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