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[opensuse-buildservice] GSoC '09 proposal - git backend for OBS
  • From: Peter Libič <peter.libic@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 09 Apr 2009 11:42:06 +0200
  • Message-id: <49DDC2EE.5010600@xxxxxxxxx>
Hi Folks!

In the opensuse-packaging ML
Peter Poeml encouraged people to try to hack BuildService so it would
use git as its source server.

I would like to work on this git backend for OBS during this year's
Google Summer of Code. The idea is described here:
As Brandon Philips correctly stated the main goal is not to provide the
full-blown git integration into BuildService, but rather to create
working OBS instance that uses git for storing the source files instead
of currently used BSDB solution. It should be a prototype, with which we
could make tests later and see the advantages (and disadvantages) of the
git approach. A part of the solution is also a conversion tool which
will convert sources stored in BSDB into git repositories, so the
migration wouldn't be very painful.

Vivid advantages of the git approach are:
- standard VCS operations like diff, log or commit are offline - this
decreases the server load and one could work without the network
- import/export between OBS instances is easier
- gitweb allows comfortable (and anonymous) source revision browsing

I am aware of the fact that only changing the backend from BSDB to git
is not all what needs to be done if we want the mainline switched to
git. Therefore, after successful implementation I'd like to continue to
work with the OBS team on possible integration.

Do you have any suggestions or hints before the project starts?


Peter Libic
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