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[opensuse-buildservice] Finding dependent builds
Is there a way through the API to find out which packages depend on a
given package? This has come up a couple times when I've been showing
OBS to developers at my company.

Here's a use-case: I have a patch to the kernel, so kernel-source,
kernel-syms, and kernel-<flavor> are all directly affected by a change
to their source (since they all share kernel-source's tarball). Being a
careful developer, I want to make sure the change to the kernel doesn't
break any kernel module packages that depend on the kernel. So, I want
to find out all kmps that I need to rebuild.

Is there a way using the API to find out which packages depend on a
given kernel-source/kernel-syms pair so that I can branch them off and
test the kernel change with all the dependent packages before checking
in the change to something important?

A solution other than scanning the specs files for BuildRequires:
kernel-syms would be nice since I don't think that will scale well.

I know this data is available to the scheduler since it must be
contructing a dep graph to mark packages as blocked while the kernel is
building after a check in to OBS occurs. I just don't know if I can get
the same information through the API since the scheduler is on the
backend while the API is on the frontend. (It's the same machine for
our local OBS, but I know conceptually they are separate.) Modifying
the obs-server/obs-api isn't a big deal since we're already doing it for
some other reasons (adding LDAP auth and subversion integration), but if
something exists already in the API I'd rather use that.

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