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[opensuse-buildservice] OBS: Cross-build and Download on Demand - Major Milestone reached
  • From: Martin Mohring <martin.mohring@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 30 Oct 2008 23:07:35 +0100
  • Message-id: <490A3027.3000304@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

due to missing news about the OBS development Marcus, Jan-Simon and me
are stepping in.

Cross-build and Download on Demand, now integrated in one single patch,
have reached a major milestone of "testing and usability".
You can now use these new features by installing the following
openSUSE:Tools:Devel packages:

- qemu-svn+gcc3
- obs-all-cross

The rest is the same as running a normal OBS in fact. We have
successfully tested it for the following processor targets:

- openSUSE:10.3 @ i586,ppc,x86_64
- Fedora:9 @ i586,ppc,x86_64
- Fedora:8 @ arm,i586,ppc,x86_64
- Debian:Etch @ arm,i586,ppc,x86_64
- Debian:Lenny @ arm,i586,ppc,x86_64
- Debian:Sid @ arm,i586,ppc,x86_64

You can then activate builds for the new targets. You must install the
QEMU in the workers, then OBS Workers can automatically run ARM
processor jobs. Emulated targets can be used like x86 targets on a x86
machine in local builds as well as OBS Worker builds.

Also other distributions than this list should work, we have chosen for
testing the widely used Distros from openSUSE, Fedora and Debian type.
You do not need a remote OBS and no complete local copy to build for
these targets from now on. A complete copy of a distro for Debian:Etch
would need 50 GB local diskspace for processor architectures
arm,i586,ppc,x86_64. But with Download on Demand, only those Packets
needed are loaded on the local disk. Typical minimum loaded packages for
a chroot with a compiler are no more than 200 MB per processor
architecture versus 15 GB or more for a complete copy. Mega collections
like "Fedora Everthing" spin are even bigger per architecture.

After configuring the cross-build and download on demand feature, you
can build and run for the listed targets. The qemu emulator is
sufficently fixed to run on even oldest and newest ARM Processor
Distributions with glibc 2.7, gcc 4.3 and kernel headers 2.6.26 (like
Debian:Sid on ARM - Sid is the Factory equivalent for Debian).

For more info about all this, read the wiki here:

In the next step we will test the quality of emulators for the other
processor targets.

Also, Jan Simon has already some news on OBS KIWI Imaging and zypper
usage on the issue. He will soon report.


PS: Adrian, Andreas, I wish you Novell guys will soon step in and
provide us also with a "real good" embedded targets distribution, e.g.
an openSUSE Version for arm or sh4 Architecture. I want to run my Nokia
N810 with an openSUSE distro and nothing else.

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