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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] Scenario
  • From: "Dominique Leuenberger" <Dominique.Leuenberger@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 22 Sep 2008 15:23:40 +0200
  • Message-id: <48D7B87C020000290000A357@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

On Fri, 2008-09-19 at 12:46 -0600, Boyd Lynn Gerber wrote:
I'll fix up my script a bit on the weekend and publish it here...
this won't be to late for you.

I think it would be great if/when you do this that we could get it. Maybe
we could get a SUSE/Novell, repo for such things. A community/contrib
location for OBS and packaging.


As promised here the script I'm using at home for some of mz SVN
snapshots. Of course there is plenty of room to automate it more, so far
I only had need for it in two folders, one is using svn, the other one
git for the updates... with some very few modifications, the git pull
does the same.

Happy sharing!
pushd ffmpeg-0.4.9
svn up
tar --exclude .svn -cjf ffmpeg-0.4.9.tar.bz2 ffmpeg-0.4.9
sed -i "s/Version:.*/Version: %{baseversion}.$(svn info ffmpeg-0.4.9 |
awk '/Revision:/ {print $2}' )/" ffmpeg.spec
osc ci -m "Update to svn revision $(svn info ffmpeg-0.4.9 | awk
'/Revision:/ {print $2}')"


PS: I'm sure there are other nice solutions... this one works for me for
my usecase.

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